Minerals in Koi Food

The minerals in koi food and why they are important.

What is a mineral?

In Koi food, it is the ash content.  Minerals are inorganic chemicals which fish need for various metabolic functions.   Minerals help build their skeletal structures, nerves and allow for the exchange of gases the blood system.

What types of minerals should be in koi food?

These are the common types of minerals found in koi food:  copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and selenium.   In commercial koi food, it is normal to see the mineral ash content in the 12-14 percent range.

Where else do koi obtain minerals?

Koi will find trace amounts of minerals in the water in which they swim.  Koi will absorb these minerals through their gills.

Minerals in koi food for proper nutrition:

Without proper minerals in koi food, your koi could suffer.

Without proper nutrition your koi could suffer bone deformities, loss of appetite, loss of muscle tone, obesity, skin problems, and anemia.  Typically these problems are all associated with mineral and vitamin deficiencies.   Use care when feeding your fish.  Check the label and do not feed them food low in minerals or with a corn content (this is like eating fast foods for humans).   Feed them high quality, wheat germ based food and they will have the best chance at staying healthy well into their twenties and beyond!