Host Plants for Butterfly Gardens

Are you planning for your spring garden?   Okay, it is only January and it is freezing, snowing, raining, and miserable but I cannot stop thinking about spring, the ponds thawing, and what plants I can add to my garden.    Butterfly Host plants have always been an interest to me—I have grown plants not for my personal use (such as some herbs) but for the beautiful butterflies which emerge when butterflies lay their eggs on Host Plants.   About two weeks after the female lays her eggs on a host plant, tiny larvae appear and start munching and growing.   It is so satisfying to me when the caterpillar leave the plant to form a chrysalis.  I know it will only be a matter of time before more beautiful butterflies will appear floating over the pond and laying more eggs to continue the amazing life cycle of the butterfly.

Important host plants are Milk Weed, Black Eyed Susan, Coneflowers, Wild Violets, Viola. Herbs such as dill, fennel and parsley.  Trees, such as Elm, Flowering Dog Wood, Sweet Bay and Willow.  The list is long and you can search for lists on the internet or ask your local greenhouse business owner.  There are also native plants which work well in your area.   If you are in New England, check out “Garden In The Woods”—they have wonderful gardens and sell native plants—a benefit on so many levels.  Here is their website link:

To plan your butterfly garden, you will need to know what butterflies are in your area.   I have found a nice website with great information for you!  Here is the link:

Enhance the enjoyment of your pond and water features by adding plants to attract (nectar) and grow (host) butterflies!

Butterflies are free—just add the plants to your Butterfly Garden!