De-Icer’s and Heaters

Pond De-Icer’s and Heaters Keep a hole open on your pond during freezing weather!  It is very important to keep a small hole open in the ice to allow gasses to escape.  These gasses will kill your pond creatures! Pond … Continue reading

Benefits of Lighting in and around your pond or water feature

Benefits of Lighting “While you might think pond lights are just for decoration, they can actually serve a greater purpose in your backyard. Usually, people who invest in pond lights and spotlights are hoping to add a focal point to … Continue reading

Why is aeration necessary in my pond?

July Pond Tips: Why is aeration necessary in my pond? The Importance of Oxygen! Fish, snails, and tadpoles all need oxygen to survive underwater. The invisible life, like bacteria, that keep the pond water clean also require oxygen to keep … Continue reading

Here’s a Pond Tip About Water Changes

What do you know about Complete Water Changes? Are you thinking about doing a complete water change because your pond has too much muck and algae? Before doing that, you may want to consider what will happen to the good … Continue reading

Upcoming Koi Shows for 2013

Koi Shows 2013 Are you interested in Koi shows?  Here are a few coming up this year! Feb 9-10 Valley of the Sun Koi Show combined with Chinese Cultural Center Festival, 40th St in Phoenix, AZ Contact: Karin @ … Continue reading

How to prepare your pond for Hurricane Sandy

Preparation and supplies needed for Hurricane Sandy Here are some steps and suggested supplies to prepare your pond for Hurricane Sandy. During storms, your fish will most likely move low in your pond so it is very important to keep … Continue reading


Minerals in Koi Food

The minerals in koi food and why they are important. What is a mineral? In Koi food, it is the ash content.  Minerals are inorganic chemicals which fish need for various metabolic functions.   Minerals help build their skeletal structures, nerves … Continue reading

Prepare to Close Your Pond for Winter

Things to do to Winterize your Pond! Prepare to winterize your pond Winterize Waterfalls: Shut off and remove your pump (store indoors) when ice begins to form. This will protect your pump and stop ice damns from building which will … Continue reading

Clean up Bacteria is essential for a clean pond bottom!

Clean up Bacteria is essential for a clean pond bottom! Did you know Clean-Up Bacteria is essential for a clean pond bottom? A clean pond bottom is essential for a healthy pond environment and we offer a variety of clean-up … Continue reading