Why is aeration necessary in my pond?

July Pond Tips:

Why is aeration necessary in my pond?

The Importance of Oxygen!

Fish, snails, and tadpoles all need oxygen to survive underwater. The invisible life, like bacteria, that keep the pond water clean also require oxygen to keep the pond healthy. Oxygen enters the pond by diffusing into the water from the atmosphere. Submerged aquatic plants also produce oxygen during the day.

Decomposing algae and fish waste, plus the normal respiration of aquatic life, use up the oxygen faster than it can diffuse back into the pond water.

Importance of oxygen in ponds:

This is especially true during hot summer months. The warmer the pond water is, the less oxygen it can hold.

You must run an aeration device like a fountain or waterfall 24-hours a day, especially in summer.

Do not turn off the pond pump at night. The pond will continue to use up the oxygen. Turning off the pond pump during this crucial time could result in finding dead fish floating on the pond surface.

Pond plants provide oxygen during the day and give off carbon dioxide when the sun goes down.   If you pond does not have enough dissolved oxygen, you will notice your fish ‘piping’ at the surface–they are suffering and could die.  Oxygen is very important to all aquatic creatures!