Tip from Kasco Marine

Aeration helps your fish and pond  stay healthy.

Here’s a little tip from Tip from Kasco Marine. For many parts of the country, ponds are just starting to wake up from their winter slumber. Water temps are rising and fish are shaking off their lethargic winter habits. Your pond is coming alive. Activity is increasing and oxygen demand is following right behind. Now is the time to aerate before things get out of hand. “An ounce of prevention is …worth a pound of cure” applies to pond health just as much as personal health. Are you are getting a jump start on this years problems. Aeration does a much better job at preventing the bad things that happen to ponds if it is installed early before those things start to rear their ugly heads. Things like heavy algae blooms, fish health issues, or anoxic bottom conditions can be prevented before they ever start this season by installing aeration today.