Monitor your water temperature and fish activity

When your pond water approaches 50 Degrees Fahrenheit:

  • As spring approaches, monitor your water temperature and fish activity.
  • When the ice melts; remove leaves, sticks, and decaying plant material to help reduce nutrients which feed algae!
  • Keep aeration systems running.  Fish need air all year round!
  • Remove heaters and deicers.  Thoroughly inspect, clean, dry and store them for next season!
  • When the water temperature is consistently at or over 50oF –start feeding your fish and your bacteria (add bacteria to your filter media-click HERE)!
  • Start feeding your fish cool weather (easily digestible) wheat based food.  Click HERE for koi food.
  • Clean and seed the filtration system with bacteria (Gel type).
  • Add recommended dose of bacteria in your pond and on your filtration media to help keep single cell algae in control.  Bacteria has a 30 day life cycle, so keep “seeding” the bacteria colony so they thrive and assist in the algae battle.

Click HERE for our line of water treatments.

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