Koi and Fish Diseases

This month we will start to discuss diseases your Koi could experience so you can be prepared when your Koi are ill.

This month we will discuss Fish Lice
Types of Diseases: (not all inclusive)
Bacterial: Cloudy Eye, Cotton Wool, Dropsy or Pine Cone Disease, Finrot and Ulcers.
Fungal: Carp Pox, Saprolegnia Fun-gus
Parasitic: Anchor Worm, Costia, Fish Lice, Gill Maggots, Gill and Skin Flukes, Trichodina, White Spot (Ich).

Name: Fish Lice or Argulus.
What it is: Crustacean parasite
Identification: Small jelly-like about 1/4 inch long with several pairs of legs. Sometime shows as a green tint. Usually small darks spots, 7be-hind the head and fins.
Symptoms: Koi show disinterest in feeding, scratching, jumping, red welts.
What it does: Fish Lice attach to Koi with curved hooks and suckers. Injects digestive enzymes to feed on blood and body fluids.
If untreated, it may lead to secondary infections (ulcers).
How to cure:
There are many products to treat your Koi. We offer Winston’s Paracid, listed on our website under Caring for your Pond > Fish Treatments > Winston Products: Paracid, 8 ounces.