Koi and Gold Fish Shows for 2015

Koi and Goldfish Shows Koi And Goldfish shows are great places to meet people with like-interests.   It’s great to get new ideas and find solutions to problems you have encountered with your goldfish, Koi. Koi and Goldfish Shows May 23-24, … Continue reading

Spring Time and Ponds

Spring Time and your Pond By now, most pond owners in North America, are experiencing spring temperatures.  The ice on the pond is melting and now we can see our fish. How did your fish do over the winter?   Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Read Your Koi Food Ingredient Label

How many of us really read our Koi Food Ingredient Label when purchase food for our koi?  Quite often, we look at the price of the food, not the quality.    While it is okay to have ‘fast food’ every … Continue reading

Upcoming Koi Shows 2015

Koi Shows are a great way to learn about new products and meet others who enjoy the hobby! Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California — ZNA NorCal 2015 Koi Show Feb 28-Mar 1, 2015! DelMar Fairgrounds sponsored by Koi Club … Continue reading

UpComing Koi Shows!

UpComing Koi Shows! September 5-7 20th Annual ZNA Potomac Koi Show, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, 9750 Meadowlark Gardens Court, Vienna, VA. www.znapotomac.org Sept. 19-21 Carolina Classic Koi Show, East Coast Koi Imports, New Hill, NC. http://carolinaclassickoishow.com September 27-28 Central California Koi … Continue reading

Good Tips to control Algae from Microbe-Lift

Good Tips to control Algae from Microbe-Lift Remember, algae is the symptom, not the problem. One of the best preventative measures is to monitor stocking density and under-stock the pond. The next would be to watch water temperatures and temper … Continue reading

Facts about Koi Nutrition from Microbe-Lift

Did You Know these facts about Koi Nutrition?  –Koi require omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids but not more than 15% of the daily intake. –Fat breaks down into water & carbon dioxide, but protein breaks down into toxic ammonia & … Continue reading

Host Plants for Butterfly Gardens

Are you planning for your spring garden?   Okay, it is only January and it is freezing, snowing, raining, and miserable but I cannot stop thinking about spring, the ponds thawing, and what plants I can add to my garden.    Butterfly … Continue reading

Brown Blood Disease – Nitrite Poisoning

Have you lost fish in your pond or aquarium?  If yes,  it may be due to Nitrite Poisoning.  Nitrite Poisoning includes symptoms such as ‘piping’ or gasping at the surface, listlessness, and rapid gill movement.   When the fish dies, its … Continue reading


THE 7 STEPS OF THE NITROGEN CYCLE When starting a new tank (or pond) you must “cycle” your aquarium (pond). The Seven Steps must be complete to cultivate the right bacteria in your filter system by allowing nature to take … Continue reading