De-Icer’s and Heaters

Pond De-Icer’s and Heaters

Keep a hole open on your pond during freezing weather!  It is very important to keep a small hole open in the ice to allow gasses to escape.  These gasses will kill your pond creatures!

Pond Heaters and De-icers do not heat the pond, they are designed to just keeps the immediate area from freezing over to allow toxic gasses to escape.

Options to keep the hole open in the ice:

  • Pond Heater / de-icer will keep the water temperature around 40 ºF around the unit, therefore keep the hole open in the ice.
  • An aeration / air pump and air stones (make sure it is protected from the elements).
  • You can also use child’s bouncy floating ball to keep a hole in the ice.
  • Warning! Never bang the ice to open keep it open, this can kill your fish (concussion).