Read Your Koi Food Ingredient Label

How many of us really read our Koi Food Ingredient Label when purchase food for our koi?  Quite often, we look at the price of the food, not the quality.    While it is okay to have ‘fast food’ every … Continue reading

Facts about Koi Nutrition from Microbe-Lift

Did You Know these facts about Koi Nutrition?  –Koi require omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids but not more than 15% of the daily intake. –Fat breaks down into water & carbon dioxide, but protein breaks down into toxic ammonia & … Continue reading

Brown Blood Disease – Nitrite Poisoning

Have you lost fish in your pond or aquarium?  If yes,  it may be due to Nitrite Poisoning.  Nitrite Poisoning includes symptoms such as ‘piping’ or gasping at the surface, listlessness, and rapid gill movement.   When the fish dies, its … Continue reading

Minerals in Koi Food

The minerals in koi food and why they are important. What is a mineral? In Koi food, it is the ash content.  Minerals are inorganic chemicals which fish need for various metabolic functions.   Minerals help build their skeletal structures, nerves … Continue reading

Guide to Koi Feeding

Simple Koi Feeding Guide-feeding frequency, water temperature and type of foods Many people ask what type of food, frequency and water temperatures to use when feeding their Koi and Gold Fish.  I hope this simple guide will help people with … Continue reading

Feeding Koi during the hot summer months

Microblift has this to say about feeding in the hot weather: “What Should I Do Now? August is traditionally the hottest summer month.  If possible, shade the fish pond.  If that is not possible, shade the filter.  This will provide … Continue reading

Ash Content in Fish Foods

Recently, a customer selected one food over another based on the Ash Content (calcium / minerals).  The customer indicated after doing some  searching on the internet,  he selected the other brand because the food had 2% lower ash content.  That … Continue reading

How’s The Water Quality in your Pond?

If you haven’t tested your water quality yet, you should do it now and keep an eye on it through the entire season and beyond.  If you need testers, we have them available, both at our physical store and on … Continue reading

Protect your fish with aeration

Why Aerate your Pond? Aerators add valuable oxygen to your pond. Aerators increase dissolved oxygen levels which increase the number of GOOD bacteria. Good Bacteria helps keep your pond clean and clear with less organic build-up at the pond bottom. … Continue reading

Koi and Fish Diseases

This month we will start to discuss diseases your Koi could experience so you can be prepared when your Koi are ill. This month we will discuss Fish Lice Types of Diseases: (not all inclusive) Bacterial: Cloudy Eye, Cotton Wool, … Continue reading