Funky Koi Pond & Water Garden Supplies

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The Funky Koi is a Pond and Water Garden Supply company, specializing in bringing you the best products for your koi, pond, home and garden! We are also Koi Pond and Water Garden enthusiasts, and we pride ourselves on offering you products with which we have had personal experience.

Our passion for koi and water gardening began ten years ago. That’s when we first began to study the subject, investigating the best pond liners to use and how to control mosquitoes. Eventually we built our own beautiful koi pond in the backyard of our home in Southeastern Massachusetts. As the pond grows and changes with each passing year, we cannot imagine life without the sounds of the waterfall, playful frogs, feeding the koi, and the visits from dragonflies and turtles.

We would like the opportunity to help others create their own pond and enjoy the year-round peace and beauty that it affords. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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Fish Health

Brown Blood Disease – Nitrite Poisoning

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Have you lost fish in your pond or aquarium?  If yes,  it may be due to Nitrite Poisoning.  Nitrite Poisoning includes symptoms such as ‘piping’ or gasping at the surface, listlessness, and rapid gill movement.   When the fish dies, its … Continue reading

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