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The Funky Koi Pet, Pond and Water Gardening Supply Company is small business located in Berkley, Massachusetts.  We specialize in offering quality products Made in America for your pond construction, koi fish, aquarium fish, dogs and cats.   For local customers, we sell both Japanese and Domestic koi, goldfish and betta fish, too! We pride ourselves on offering you products with which we have had personal experience as we are Koi Pond owners, Water Garden enthusiasts and loving pet owners!

Supplies for Koi Ponds, Water Gardens, and Pets:

We have personal experience with Koi Ponds and Water Gardening and are pond enthusiasts and loving pet owners. We would like the opportunity to help others create their own pond and enjoy the year-round peace and beauty that it affords and  are proud to offer High Quality Grain-Free Limited Ingredient pet foods.

Our product line includes: Airmax Eco Systems, Atlantic Water Gardens, API Mars FishCare, Aquadyne, Aquascape, Aqua UV, Aqueon, Bayer Flea & Tick, BFF Weruva, Blue Buffalo, Caru, Dewitt Underlayment, Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter, e-Live Betta Products, Eukanuba, Firestone EDPM Pond Liner, Fromm, Front Line Flea & Tick, Hikari, Hunting Creek Fisheries Fish Food, IAMS, Kasco Marine, Kong, Laguna, Merrick, Microbe-Lift, Natural Balance, Natural Chemistry Flea & Tick, Nature’s Instinct, Nature’s Miracle, Nualgi Ponds, Nutro, Nycon, Nylabone, Ocean Nutrition, OASE, Orijen, Pet Guard Flea & Tick, Pondmaster, ProPlan, Royal Canin, Safe Paw, SeaChem, Sentry Flea & Tick, Shinju, Tetra, Tierra Innovations, Tyson True Chews for dogs, Vermont Naturals, Wellness Core and ZooMed.

Please contact us if you have any questions! for your Pond Construction, Koi Fish, Pond, Dog, Cat, and Pet food supplies!


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